Solutions That Deliver More Than Packages

While traditional, bolt-on transportation management solutions focus on dock-level execution, TECSYS TMS goes beyond this and is designed with your entire enterprise in mind.

From simple, traditional multi-carrier operations to high-volume, highly automated shipping enterprises, TECSYS transportation management software is ready for integration into your business flow, and features:

  • Optimized rating, routing, manifesting, tracking and post-shipment analysis for all small package and LTL shipments;
  • Unparalled access to enterprise-wide information through Web-enabled technology;
  • Centralized control of multiple warehouses and shipping stations without the costs and complexities of multi-site operations.

The net results for you are lower operating costs, very happy customers, and a TMS that's a strategic part of your business.

TECSYS Supply Chain Platform with Visual Content

TECSYS Supply Chain Platform with Visual Content

Breakthrough technology for optimizing warehouse management operations.

Business Benefits of TECSYS TMS


  • Integration with order management enhances customer service and controls costs
  • Integration into fulfillment processes improves warehouse management (eg. print shipping labels as carton labels for picking)
  • Integration with package handling systems, such as conveyor and diverter systems, maximizes the effectiveness of automation in your facility
  • TMS Routing Guide clearly defines rules for carrier selection and shipment routing
  • You can use mode switching for air-to-ground or parcel-to-LTL when appropriate


  • Automatically printing ship labels with pick slips eliminates the need for a shipping step
  • Automated routing guide can be used to control carrier selections in shipping, order entry, or your Web site
  • Interfacing with execution systems like warehouse management or conveyor/diverter systems facilitates dynamic automated execution
  • Use of T automation extends the functionality of your warehouse management, allowing carrier/routing planning and the use of shipping labels as carton license plates


  • A single, transparent pipeline for all shipping activity (whether you operate from one site or many) results in complete shipping visibility in real-time
  • You have access to centralized or decentralized customer service information
  • You can extend visibility to customers and strategic partners with self-serve and data exchange capabilities
  • You can enhance decision-making, analysis, corporate planning and cost control
  • Leveraging low-cost communications channels such as e-mail and the Internet automatically and proactively sends information to customers


  • One centralized system can provide multi-carrier-compliant shipping functionality wherever you need it
  • Maximize efficiency by automating routing, document production, data exchange, carrier integration, customer integration, and notification
  • You can integrate dock shipping processes with your business systems

Key Capabilities of TECSYS TMS

Multi-carrier Management

  • Multi-carrier compliance
  • Freight rating and shipping for both small package and LTL shipments
  • Flexible, sophisticated routing guide for smart carrier recommendations

Cost Savings Through Automation

  • Automated production of shipping documents and labels
  • Automation that eliminates the need for a separate shipping step altogether
  • Real-time integration with other business systems
  • Electronic manifesting and POD

Advanced Capabilities

  • Ready for multi-site enterprise operations out-of-the-box
  • Web solutions that enable application and distributed real-time information sharing
  • Shipment consolidation

Reporting and Analysis

  • Comprehensive shipment tracking, including in-transit shipment visibility
  • E-mail shipment notification
  • Powerful "money-saver" analysis tools
  • Management reporting

TECSYS TMS Supports the World's Top Carriers...

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